Turkish firms compete for F-35 software contract

Four local firms are in competition for the contract to integrate Turkey’s planned F-35 to the Turkish Air Force’s systems network, the Defense News website reported on Tuesday.

“The successful contender will connect the information systems installed on the F-35 fighter aircraft with the Air Force’s information systems network”, reported the website.

The bidders include three private military software specialists – Altay Yazilim, Aydin Yazilim and Milsoft Yazilim – and the state-controlled defence firm Havelsan.

The software integration falls under the scope of Turkey’s project to complete a new generation, dual-fighter fleet by 2023, the country’s centennial, according to Defense News.

The website quoted a Turkish procurement official who said “The local interest in the program is an indication of the government’s intention to make the combined system as indigenous as possible”.

However, foreign experts do not share as much optimism. ““Naturally there will be limits to the Turkish work as part of this program,” Defense News quoted a London-based aerospace specialist as saying. “The Turks may not be able to go as far as they wish to.”