Erdoğan's emergency rule is personal – report

Turkey’s democracy is being crippled by the state of emergency in the country, which has made President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the primary beneficiary, Faisal al Yafai wrote for the National.

Erdoğan both proposed, declared and enacts the emergency measures introduced after a failed military coup in July 2016, suggesting that “he is willing to place his own future political career above the broader interests of the country,” said Yafai, a journalist, essayist and playwright.

The country approved increased presidential powers for Erdoğan under the emergency conditions and will likely vote in an election next November with them still in place, he said. Criticism of the situation is not treasonous, rather a recognition that democracy must exist after Erdoğan leaves, he added.

“The Turkish state is bigger than Mr Erdoğan; he merely inhabits the role but does not embody it. Yes, the coup was a severe attack on Turkey's democracy. But the treatment Mr Erdoğan is administering is hurting the patient even more,” Yafai said.