Mar 20 2018

Footballer begins hunger strike for Afrin

The former captain of Amedspor football club has begun a hunger strike in front of the United Nations building in Geneva in protest at the Turkish military operation in the Syrian district of Afrin, Russian media outlet Sputnik said.

Deniz Naki tweeted that he would carry out the hunger strike “in partnership with the resistance of the people of Afrin against barbarism”.

Its purpose was “in order to remind the United Nations, which has remained silent in the face of occupation, of their responsibilities”, Naki said.

He decided he could not return to Turkey to play for his team in the majority-Kurdish city of Diyarbakır for security reasons after an attempt was made on his life in Germany in early January.

Later that month, Turkish authorities banned him from Turkish football for life over what they called his “ideological propaganda”.

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