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Dec 03 2018

Turkish court orders Iranian convert refugee to report on similarities between Christianity, Islam

An Iranian refugee, who fled his country after converting to Christianity out of fear of persecution, was detained in Turkey en route to Spain with a fake passport and ordered by a Turkish court to report on the similarities between the Quran and the Bible as part of his parole, pro-government Hürriyet newspaper reported.

Ali Karimi was detained in Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen Airport on Nov. 25 while attempting to board a flight to Spain with a fake passport.

The 19-year-old told Turkish police that he had fled his home country of Iran out of fear of possible repercussions, explaining he entered Turkey via Georgia and hoped to arrive in Spain, where he planned to apply for asylum.

“Converts are described as apostates in Iran, so I have fled my country because I feared that I could be killed there,’’ Hürriyet quoted Karimi as saying.

Karimi was released on parole by İstanbul’s 8th Court of First Instance, which ordered that he prepare a summary of similarities between Islam and Christianity by reading the Quran and the Bible and present his findings in Turkish court every week.

Karimi failed to appear in court in the first scheduled appointment to present his findings.