Fifteen-year-old girl released after 12 days in detention in Turkey’s southeast

A court in Turkey’s southeastern province of Urfa ruled to allow the release of a 15-year-old after 12 days in detention.

The young girl was detained on June 27, after police raided her family home in the town of Ceylanpınar,  news website Gazete Karinca reported.

A local official for Turkey’s opposition pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Dilan Albay, was detained in the raid, along with her mother, father and two siblings, including the 15-year-old girl, Turkish critical news site Gazete Karinca reported.

The court decision follows the demand of a prosecutor for the 15-year-old to be released on parole on June 8, it said. 

The court has ordered a travel ban on the young girl, head of the Urfa Bar Association Abdullah Öncel said, and the investigation has been sealed from the public. 

Sevda Çelik Özbingöl, a lawyer with the association, said the law had been violated during the investigation.

“Extending the period of detention is (in effect) an interrogation. The judges have violated laws and interrogated a child without legal counsel,’’ Özbingöl said on Twitter.

Juveniles between the ages of 15 and 18 can be prosecuted according to Turkish law, while juveniles aged between 12 and 15 can be prosecuted in special circumstances.