Turkey orders detention of more than 400 people for suspected Gülen links

Turkish authorities ordered on Tuesday the detention of 414 people, mainly military personnel, over suspected links to a religious group the government accuses of orchestrating the 2016 failed coup attempt, TRT news reported. 

A total of 160 suspects have been detained in a 22-province wide operation coordinated from the western province of Izmir, while 86 people, including military personnel, doctors and teachers, have been detained separately on the order of an Istanbul prosecutor, it said. 

Moreover, detention warrants have been issued for 32 people as part of another operation targeting members of the air force with suspected links to the group, TRT said.

Turkish authorities are also seeking to detain another 33 people from gendarmerie forces.

Turkish authorities have carried out a sustained crackdown on alleged followers of U.S.-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gülen since Turkey’s failed coup in July 2016. The Turkish government accuses the Gülen movement, dubbed “FETÖ” by Ankara, of staging the failed putsch, leading to dismissal of some 150,000 civil and imprisonment of 77,000 people over alleged ties with the organisation.