Turkish police detain 5 protesting hospital closures in Ankara


Turkish police in capital Ankara on Wednesday detained five people protesting the closure of six hospitals in the city, left-wing news site Gazete Duvar reported.

Police intervened in a group gathered in front of Ankara’s Numune Training and Research Hospital to protest the gradual closure of hospitals throughout the city with the opening of Ankara City Hospital Bilkent at the end of the month, the site said.

Five people from the ‘’Don’t Close My Hospital Platform,’’ were taken into police custody following an altercation with the police after the group was prevented from issuing a public statement, the newspaper said.

The Bilkent City Hospital, built over 1 million 300 thousand square meters, has a 3804 bed capacity and has been criticised for its inevitable congestion of Ankara’s already heavy traffic, as well as the felling of hundreds of trees in the city’s National Botanical Garden during the project’s road construction.