May 14 2019

Illegal leftist group members arrested at Turkish parliament

Security personnel foiled an attempted attack on the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in Ankara on Tuesday, Turkish authorities have reported.

A man and a woman reportedly linked to the outlawed far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-/) were stopped as the attempted to enter the Turkish parliament’s visitor’s lobby, Turkey’s pro-government outlet NTV reported.

Their links to the DHKP/C were discovered when security personnel examined the pair’s identity cards, and a brawl broke out when security attempted to search them, said NTV.

Two security guards were reportedly injured by a sharp object during the melee.

After the pair were subdued, security found a black box described as being disguised as a bomb, and a knife fixed to the top of a pencil, NTV reported.

Both suspects reportedly have criminal records including charges for terror links.

The DHKP-C, which Turkey includes on its list of terrorist organisations, has a history of carrying out attacks and assassinations in Turkey since the 1980s.

In 2015, the group claimed responsibility for a bombing attack on a Turkish police station which killed one police officer. In the same year, two suspected members of the group held prosecutors hostage in an Istanbul court, fatally wounding a prosecutor when police stormed the court.

In August, 2015, the group carried out four attacks in Istanbul, killing one police officer and injuring dozens.