Turkey issues diplomatic note to Israel, Greece and EU over East Med activities

Turkey has issued a diplomatic note to Israel, Greece and the European Union, calling for them to request permission ahead of planned work on its continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean, T24 news site reported on Monday.

The note pertains to plans for a power cable traversing the Mediterranean seabed, which passes through Turkey's continental shelf, it said.

Earlier this month, Israel, Cyprus and Greece agreed to the construction of a power cable running across the Mediterranean seabedthat will link their electricity grids. The estimated $900 million project, dubbed the Euro-Asia interconnector, is set to provide a back-up power source for emergencies.

The 1,000-2,000 megawatts (MW) capacity cable, expected to be completed by 2024, will be the longest and deepest subsea electricity cable to have ever been constructed, according to the Israeli Energy Ministry.

According to international laws, the permission Turkey is required for any preliminary surveying on a project if it encompasses the country’s continental shelf, T24 said.

Greece, Israel and Cyprus are all at odds with Turkey over the disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey’s aggressive gas exploration efforts in the region this summer have threatened to exacerbate existing fault lines in the region.