Turkey making no friends with policy blunders - ex-foreign minister

A Turkish former foreign minister, Yaşar Yakış, said that the inflexibility of Turkish foreign policy has cost it potential diplomatic gains on many different levels.

“Having sown the wind for several years, Turkey is facing the consequences,” he wrote for Arab news.

For example, the country has many potential common interests with Egypt, he said, but while Turkey still recognised the pre-coup government as the rulers of the country these cannot be properly explored.

With Russia, the early machismo of the Turkish government following the shooting down of a Russian plane over the Syrian border in November 2015 has led to long-term negative effects, he said.

“The apology that Turkey made alleviated the situation to a certain extent, but the damage has been done.”

In both Syria and the wider Arab world, he added, Turkey is seen as an unwelcome outsider.

“Ankara would do better in going back to its traditional non-interference policy in intra-Arab affairs,” he said. 


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