“I married a terrorist” – Turkish woman files for divorce

BURSA - Turkey’s political polarisation is claiming marriages.

A self-described “right-wing” woman in Bursa has filed for divorce saying that her husband hid his pro-Kurdish sympathies from her until after they got married.

After the couple had taken their vows, the woman said in her petition for divorce “he began to show that he was a terrorist sympathiser”.

Later, a case was opened against him for throwing rocks at a police water cannon, something that she said, “gave her a rude awakening”.

Her husband had also put enormous pressure on her to vote for the pro-Kurdish HDP at the last election, including using physical force, lawyers quoted the woman as saying.

The defendant’s lawyers are asking for the case to be dismissed on the grounds of anti-Kurdish hate speech in the petition, said an attorney with knowledge of the case.

Filing for divorce on political grounds is extremely rare, the lawyer said.

However, he added, another politicised case recently concluded in Bursa, where judges ruled that the male petitioner’s demand for divorce on the grounds that his wife was teaching their daughter Arabic was not admissible.