Dec 14 2017

“Child delivery centres” to protect divorcees’ child visitation rights

The Turkish parliament is to debate a government proposal to introduce “child delivery centres” to ensure that angry divorced parents cannot deny one another visitation rights, the pro-government Akşam newspaper said.

“Under the new system, we will not bring parents together,” Muhittin Özdemir, department head for Victims’ Rights at the Justice Ministry, told the newspaper.

“Children will not be forcibly removed from the home.”

Should a parent deny their former spouse the right to see their child, they will be made to exchange the child at predetermined times at the centres, to be opened in every one of Turkey’s 957 districts and jointly run by the Justice and Family Ministries, under the proposed law.

Should a parent refuse to surrender their child at the centre, the law proposes a three-month prison sentence for a first offence, and a cancellation of their custody over the child at the third offense.

In the past, Özdemir said, some divorcees had used their children as a means of getting revenge on one another.

“This has been the cause of several distasteful incidents, going as far as murder,” he said.