Divorce is form of terror, says head of Turkey’s equality agency

The head of Turkey’s Human Rights and Equality Institution on Wednesday said that increasing rate of divorces in Turkey is a form of terror and violation of children rights, Milliyet newspaper reported.

“We have to drain the swamp. Terror, child abuse, drug addiction and violence against women are results of transformation taking place in social life, education and our minds,”  Süleyman Arslan, the head of the institution, told reporters. 

Negligence in protecting families is create an array of problems, including increases in the number of those in prison, Arslan said. 

“Annually 500,000-600,000 marriages take place, while more than 130,000 divorce. The divorce rate has reached over 20 percent in Turkey. This means trouble for 130,000 families. When we take into account the spouses, the children, the mother and father in-laws, and the relatives, this means that we suffer from serious problems. This is in fact terror, a violation of children’s rights,” Arslan said. 

Arslan also criticised the Turkish law on protecting the family and preventing violence against women. “There is nothing in the law concerning the protection of the family. We will see what we can do about this issue as an institution,” he said. 

The law, which according to women’s rights groups is a milestone as it grants women protection independent of their marital status, has been attacked in the last couple of months on social media by a group which say they are the victims of the alimony rights granted to women with the law.