Doğan Media, bought by pro-gov’t group, continues laying off staff

The layoffs of prominent journalists working for Doğan Media continues after the company was purchased by a pro-government conglomerate in late March, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported.

Three names were sacked today from CNNTürk, the media group’s flagship news channel, including Ebru Baki, the channels economic editor, and a well-known presenter. Others getting sacked were Aslı Öymen, the coordinator of the channel’s programs, who had been working at CNNTurk since 2006, and Cansel Poyraz, the chief editor of the channel’s news programmes.

Two journalists with different backgrounds – İsmail Saymaz, known for his opposition to the Turkish government, and Islamist Nevzat Çiçek – parted ways with CNNTürk last week, after the channel decided to stop inviting those names as permanent commentators for its prime-time discussion programs. Saymaz still works for Hürriyet newspaper, which belongs to the same media group, yet his online daily comments have been stopped. 

Last week, the channel also ended veteran conservative journalist Taha Akyol’s weekly program and sacked one of its news presenters, Duygu Demirdağ.

Hakan Çelik, another high-profile journalist, also lost his position as the channel’s representative in the capital Ankara but remains the presenter of a morning program on weekends. The general director of the channel, Erdoğan Aktaş, has also been among the casualties. 

13 people were sacked from Doğan Media’s television channel Kanal D, in addition to its general director Süleyman Sarılar and primetime news presenter Ahmet Hakan. Today, Murat Güloğlu, the presenter of the channel’s morning news programme, joined those names.