General Director Aktaş leaves CNN Turk

Turkish news channel CNN Turk today parted ways with general director Erdoğan Aktaş, media news site Medyatava reported

According to Medyatava, Bora Bayraktar, a veteran journalist and a middle east expert, will be the new general director of the news channel, belonging to Doğan Media, which was bought by the pro-government Demirören Group in March.

Before transferring to CNN Turk in 2015, Aktaş was working as the general director of the A Haber news channel, belonging to pro-government Turkuaz Group. 

His likely successor Bora Bayraktar early this year shared a tweet with a picture of famous actor Ben Affleck in military uniform, claiming that the person in the picture was Eddie Brandon from the U.S. special forces, who was killed during Turkey’s military offense in Syria when fighting alongside Kurdish militia. “See whom Turkey is against, whom it fights,” wrote Bora Bayraktar. Bayraktar's twitter account @Bora_Bayraktar is currently inactive.