Mar 08 2018

Domestic violence perpetrators to be electronically tagged – Minister

A Turkish pilot scheme to electronically tag men who harm women has been a success and will be rolled out more widely, Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya said in a speech marking International Women’s Day.

Another scheme providing anger management classes for those who had threatened women was also to be extended, the Islamist Yeni Şafak newspaper quoted Kaya as saying.

“In the upcoming period we will increase and broaden our service,” she said. “If a man says ‘I will kill you, I will cut you up, I will hack you to pieces’ then that man must definitely be put in handcuffs.”

Violence against women was a crime against humanity, Kaya said.

“Our women who face violence should not be silent or be afraid,” she said. “Our state stands with our women who have undergone violence.”

The government would be setting up Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centres in every province, she said.