Istanbul man detained after shot wife writes bloody message

Istanbul police on Saturday detained a man suspected of shooting his wife after she exposed him in a message written with her own blood, Diken reported.

Ragıp Canan was taken into police custody over the shooting of his wife of 23 years, Nurtaç Canan, on June 19, the news site said.

“Ragıp shot me. Don’t be sad. I’m free now,” Nurtaç, who feared she would die as a result of gunshot wounds, wrote in her blood on the floor in a message to her parents.

Ragıp fled the scene with the victim’s mobile phone and credit card before notifying their son of the attack.

The incident followed Nurtaç’s request for a divorce with her husband, who had a long history of domestic abuse, HaberTürk reported.

The pair operated a café that closed down to comply with government-sanctioned COVID-19 measures, the news outlet said.

Domestic abuse has intensified during the pandemic with many women trapped at home with potential abusers and minimal access to support, according to Human Rights Watch.

Turkey registered a 28 percent increase in cases of violence against women in the first weeks of the lockdown, according to an April survey by Diyarbakır based Socio-Political Field Research Centre.