Trump administration’s sanctions only isolating United States - NY Times

The Donald Trump administration’s entire foreign policy approach, which relies on sanctions, does not work to coerce anyone, but only isolates America, wrote Gardiner Harris in his article for the New York Times.

Trump’s second round of crippling sanctions against Iran went into effect on Monday. The penalties, which grew out of President Trump’s decision in May to abandon the Iran nuclear accord, take aim at Iran’s oil, banking, shipping, shipbuilding and insurance sectors, and are intended to force Tehran to either abandon its foreign policy ambitions or collapse, Harris said.

‘’While European diplomats are quietly insisting they will complete work in the coming days or weeks on an alternative payment system with Iran that will bypass American sanctions. China, India, Russia and Iraq are likely to defy the new sanctions, too, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey said this week that he would ignore them,’’ the New York Times article stressed.

Trump’s aggressive and often bullying tactics, which have won him few friends while causing a steep drop in international regard for the United States, it said.

Pointing out that world leaders laughing at Trump at the United Nations in September, was an expression of ‘’growing international disdain for the president’s methods’’ the article stressed that this administration’s first — and sometimes only — instrument to shape world events has been sanctions.

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on a record 944 individuals and entities last year, the article said, citing law firm Gibson Dunn; President Barack Obama imposed penalties on 695 individuals and entities in 2016, the previous high mark.

Trump’s fondness for sanctions illustrates a core contradiction of his foreign policy, the article noted, adding, ‘’No modern American president has been as dismissive of “globalism” or as vigorous in the defense of sovereignty as Mr. Trump.

The Trump administration’s critics worry that the new sanctions  against Iran will spur the creation of financial mechanisms that exclude the United States, one which undermines American power in ways that could far outlast the Trump administration, the article highlighted.