Trump campaign portrays Turkish stock models as supporters in video adverts

A series of Facebook video ads for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has used fake Turkish stock models, along with those from France and Brazil, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The videos, released in recent weeks by Trump’s campaign, show a “Tracey From Florida,” “AJ from Texas” and “Thomas from Washington,” all seemingly expressing their support for the U.S: president, the news wire said.

“The people in the videos that ran in the past few months are all actually models in stock video footage produced far from the U.S. in France, Brazil and Turkey, and available to anyone online for a fee,” the AP said. 

The 20-second videos include tiny disclaimers that say, “actual testimonial, actor portrayal,” the AP said, adding that this is a practice Trump himself would call “fake news” under different circumstances. 

“So what do these models think of being held up as model Trump supporters,” the news wire asked. That’s not clear because none of the companies they’ve posed for would give a detailed comment to The Associated Press,” the report said, adding that a spokeswoman for Getty Images declined to identify the models, citing privacy concerns.