Aug 14 2018

Trump’s trade war victims may band together - Telegraph

The United States under President Donald Trump has begun using economic sanctions as an all-purpose tool, Mark Almond, the Director of the Oxford-based think-tank Crisis Research Group, wrote in The Telegraph.

The danger to Trump is that his sanctions victims may eventually band together, Almond said. Individually, Russia, Turkey, China, Iran and others are vulnerable, but together they could cause the United States much trouble.

“Isn’t the point of sanctions to isolate a state? Creating a swathe of pariahs from the Bosporus to Beijing could backfire,” Almond said.

“Maybe a coalescing of Iran and Turkey could be dismissed as no more viable than two drunks leaning on each other under the illusion that they’ve found a lamppost for support. But add Russia and China, and they suddenly have a new geopolitical hinterland.”

China-backed Pakistan under Imran Khan has offered support to Turkey as well, adding another puzzle piece to the “axis of the sanctioned”, Almond said.