Istanbul will run out of water in 45 days, association says

Istanbul will run out of water in 45 days after a recent drought, said Ali Uğurlu, the head of the Turkish Chamber of Chemical Engineers.

Reservoirs are only 19 percent full and steps must be taken immediately to ensure that the city has sufficient drinking water, Uğurlu said In a written statement on Tuesday.

“If the drought continues, Istanbul may face environmental pollution and health problems,” he said.

Reservoirs across Turkey are becoming depleted after a seasonal drought and a rise in the use of water during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu urged İstanbul’s residents to save water in a statement on Twitter on Tuesday.

Ankara, Turkey’s capital, has 110 days of water left, according to city mayor Mansur Yavaş.

Water levels in Ankara’s dams have decreased to 20 percent of capacity, Yavaş said on Twitter on Tuesday.