Wearing marijuana pin could land you in jail - Turkish police 

The head of Turkey’s Narcotics Police has said that wearing a marijuana pin, or sharing an image of the plant on social media, could lead to a five year prison sentence, secular Cumhuriyet daily reported.

İbrahim Seydioğulları noted that clothing bearing the image of the cannabis sativa plant, including pins, would lead to a prosecution. 

The Turkish Penal Code, specifies prison sentences ranging from 2-5 years for those who use, buy, receive or possess drugs for their personal use.

In recent years, Turkey has faced an increased rate of drug use, particularly among school-aged children, with the government rolling up its sleeves to take action.

The police chief stressed that the Turkish National Police were moving onto a street campaign that aimed to combat drug trafficking. 

‘’We are aiming to activate the whistleblower mechanism,’’ Seydioğulları said. ‘’With this new system the amount one is caught with will be of no significance.’’

The police chief stressed that in line with the new system they would soon begin to monitor social media accounts.

In 2017, Turkish authorities detained 47,213 people for drug-related offenses. 4,842 were arrested, including 232 foreign nationals, state-run Anadolu News Agency reported.