Turkey comes in second in ECHR violations

Turkey was placed second among 140 countries in violating the European Convention on Human Rights, left-leaning Turkish daily Birgün reported on Sunday, citing a report by Turkey's Ministry of Justice.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Turkey violated the convention 140 times in 2018, with a 20 percent increase to the previous year, Birgün said.

The right to a fair trial, where Turkish court proceedings have been found to lack universal standards, and the freedom of expression were the top two violations, according to daily.

Turkey, despite joining the convention in 1989, is the country most rulings of violations have been issued for since ECHR's foundation in 1959, with 3128 judgments involved the violation of at least one article of the convention, according to Birgün.

Turkey is one of the forerunners in applications the ECHR receives, ranked at number four, according to the daily. The court receives applications from 47 countries that are members of the Council of Europe. Russia is in first place with 11,750 applications, followed by Romania with 8,500 applications, Ukraine with 7,250 applications and Turkey with 7,100 applications.