“Digital economy can end privileges of some currencies” - Turkish minister

Digital economy may open the way for the establishment of a payment and exchange system which can curb the privileges of some currencies, Turkish Technology and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank said on Friday, Anadolu Agency reported

Turkey found itself involuntarily in the middle of a financial war two weeks ago and witnessed volatilities in its currency that had “no rational macro-economic ground,” Varank said in Argentina during his speech at the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting.

Varan said that Turkey dealt successfully with financial attacks thanks to the well-planned and decisive steps of the government and warned other countries that they might face similar attacks in the future.

“The digital economy is becoming the ignitor of the new industrial and financial revolution. By using the tools of the digital economy, we can find ways for establishing an independent payment and exchange system free from political interventions. This way, we can also break the privileges of some currencies,” Varank said. 

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