“Global forces” waging economic warfare against Turkey – wealth fund manager

Global forces that have failed to paralyse Turkey using sociological and psychological weapons in the political and legal realms are now turning to economic warfare, according to Kerem Alkin, a professor at the administrative science department at Istanbul’s Medipol University and a board member at the nation’s wealth fund.

“They could not digest Turkey breaking the chains of international economic dominance, giving the IMF (International Monetary Foundation) loans, taking Austria and Switzerland off their thrones and becoming a nation that is now sitting on the IMF executive board,” Alkin told pro-government newspaper Sabah in an interview published on Monday.

“That is why, from the year 2002 onwards, they upped the tempo of their operations against Turkey through manipulation of the exchange rate and interest rate.”

Alkin said that Turkey was being used as an example to other countries that might wish to break out of the system of global imperialism.

“Now they are continually pumping manipulative gossip and claims to investors on the global markets in relation to the ‘politicised’ Zarrab case in the United States in order to kill off interest in investment in Turkey,” he said.



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