Turkey to receive $5 billion investment from UAE

İMA Group, a Turkish company, has signed a $5 billion investment agreement with United Arab Emirates (UAE) company KMK Investment to use it for projects in Turkey, CNN Türk reported.

İMA Group, which manages $780 million worth of funds in many countries including the U.S., Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg and Austria, signed a $5 billion investment agreement with KMK Investment to use fund projects in Turkey.

IMA Group Board Chairperson Derya Bağcı said that they were going to support projects across Turkey in every sector as their slogan is “Every idea is worth investment”.

“Turkey is very well suited to the joint projects our group are able to carry out, with its young and dynamic population, its active capital and wide range of investments, and the possibilities it allows for profitable projects that make a difference." Bağcı said.

Bağcı said her company helped visionary entrepreneurs and companies which needed investment support to carry the good ideas into effect through a partnership.

“We share both the potentials and the risks of the projects,” she said. “We are also contributing to the country’s economy at the same time.”

Bağcı also stated that her company had made an application to the Capital Markets Board to set up an Entrepreneurship Fund Investment Partnership in Turkey. 

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