Turkey’s Erdoğan signs off on military budget hike

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan signed off on the 2018 budget on Friday, including a 40 percent rise in spending on the military and paramilitary gendarmerie compared to last year, BBC Turkish said.

The biggest winner, however, was the disaster and emergency authority, an institution heavily involved in the refugee crisis, whose budget increased by 82 percent over 2017.

There was also a 44 percent boost in health spending and a 30 percent increase in the budget of the presidency itself.

In lira terms, only one out of 45 ministry-level state institutions saw a cut in its funding compared to 2017 – the Development Ministry, which saw its budget slashed by 37 percent.

However, in dollar terms most ministry budgets remained similar to those of last year.

Budget 2018