Father’s transfer requirements revision lands rector’s son in prestigious program

Following a change made by the rector in entry requirements and increase in transfer capacity for students at Ankara University, the rector’s own son became one of the eight new students at it's highly coveted Faculty of Medicine, secularist newspaper Cumhuriyet said.

The changes to the program were made by the university’s rector, Erkan İbiş.

İbiş’s son, Can İbiş, was studying at the less-sought-after faculty at Başkent University when the opportunity to move to his father’s institution became available.

Although İbiş maintains high grades, the newspaper said, he would not have qualified for the transfer under last year’s conditions.

The incident is recalls that of the dean of Konya Necmettin Erbakan University Medicine Faculty, Cumhuriyet said, who attracted attention by employing his brother, wife and son in his department after stepping into the position of dean of faculty.


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