Hezbollah-member-turned-teacher wants Sharia trial over student harassment

A geography teacher at a Turkish state imam and preacher vocational school called on the father of a 16-year-old student he is accused of sexually harrassing to drop legal charges against him and settle the matter in a Sharia court, news site Onedio said.

The married 34-year-old teacher, known only by his initials A.B., had previously been given a four-year prison sentence as a member of Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah and had named one of his three children Hasan Nasrallah after the group’s leader, it added.

“This crime needs to be tried in Allah’s court according to the Sharia,” he messaged the girl’s father after the case was opened. “You have transferred it to the taghut (earthly power) and its law, which Allah has forbidden.”

The girl’s father had originally complained to the National Education Ministry on July 25, 2016. The ministry began an investigation and moved the teacher to another school.

Prosecutors later opened a case against the teacher on the grounds of sexual harassment after finding no evidence that A.B. had committed sexual abuse of a minor.

A.B. and family / Onedio
A.B. and family / Onedio

The alleged victim told police that her teacher had abused her for five or six months, threatening to kill both her and himself if she told anyone, Onedio said.

“I partially accept the accusations,” A.B. said, adding that he had been messaging his student because he wanted to marry her but that he had not sexually assaulted her.

“I made a mistake,” he told the girl’s father in a series of messages urging him to take the matter to an illegal religious court. “Let us take this matter to an imam of your choice and let him rule on what God’s law is between us.”

A.B.’s public Facebook page showed that he was still sharing praise for Hezbullah and also for the Islamic State (ISIS), Onedio said.