Turkish children being taught on the cheap

Turkey spends only a fifth of the OECD average on education per pupil, new figures from the Turkish Statistics Institute showed.

In 2015, Turkey spent 6,382 lira ($2,363) per pupil on education, while in 2016 it spent 7,449 lira ($2,483), Cumhuriyet said, as compared to an OECD average of around 40,000 lira ($10,500) per student.

Much of the relative savings will have been on teachers’ salaries: base pay for a Turkish public sector teacher in mid-2016 was between 2,635 and 3,038 lira ($910–1,050) a month, according to Öğretmenler Haber.

Education spending in Turkey in general rose by 18.9 percent in 2016 to around 161 billion lira, or 6.2 percent of gross domestic product, the newspaper said, with 74.2 percent being financed by the state.