Dec 20 2017

Turkish education minister defends textbook laying out “women’s place”

Turkish Education Minister İsmet Yılmaz defended a religious studies textbook that said a woman’s place in the household was to obey her husband, leftist website ArtıGerçek said.

“The sentences given as examples (by the opposition) highlight a woman’s place and responsibilities within the family,” Yılmaz told parliament on Wednesday.

“The Prophet Muhammed’s life lessons are optional lessons and these lessons are chosen by families for their children.”

The textbook was highlighted by 15 opposition parliamentarians for criticism in a parliamentary question.

“Islam requires women to obey their husbands in return for the responsibilities men take on, and considers this obedience a form of worship,” ArtıGerçek reported the textbook as telling high school students.

“If a woman shows her husband affection, respect and obedience, this will ensure order and harmony within the family,” the textbook continued.

Yılmaz also responded to criticism of the inclusion of “jihad” for the first time in this year’s textbooks.

“It is in our religion,” he said.