Wife of Turkish governor promoted after one day as school principal

The wife of the new governor of the central Turkish province of Çankırı has been appointed as deputy head of education for the province only 24 hours after she took up a role in a school there, secular Hürriyet newspaper said.

“I was worried that it would upset the balance at the school and we took a quick decision,” Governor Hamdi Bilge Aktaş said. “I thought it wasn’t right for her to work at a school as a governor’s wife. Her colleagues and other personnel were nervous, thinking ‘the governor’s wife is here’.”

Aktaş was promoted to the post of provincial governor of Çankırı and moved to the city with his wife who was transferred as a teacher to a local school there. The governor then had her reappointed to another school as a teacher and finally to the Şehit Yahya Coşkuner Middle School as principal.

However, after only one day in the role, she was appointed to a new role as deputy head of national education for Çankırı province.

“I have laboured for 25 years in this work,” Hürriyet quoted Seval Aktaş as saying. “I have worked at every level of the National Education Ministry and been an administrator.”

“I am a person who would deserve this role,” she said.