Mar 20 2018

Egypt condemns Turkey’s capture of Afrin

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid denounced Turkey’s capture of the town of Afrin in Syria, citing the large-scale displacement of Syrian civilians and an infringement of Syrian sovereignty, Egyptian newspaper Ahram said.

"Egypt considers the ongoing breach of Syrian sovereignty unacceptable," said Abu Zeid, adding that the military operation was contributing to the worsening of the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

"Egypt calls on all regional and international parties to carry out their role in ensuring a commitment to supporting the political solution to the crisis and prevent a worsening of the humanitarian and security situation.”

Abu Zeid also said that Egypt supported a political solution for Syria that would preserve the territorial integrity of the country.

Turkish and Free Syrian Army forces entered Afrin on Sunday after a campaign against the majority-Kurdish People’s Protection Units in the surrounding countryside that began on Jan. 20.