Main opposition MP says some municipal officials undermine Istanbul's new mayor

A deputy from Turkey's secular main opposition said some municipal officials are trying to create a perception that Istanbul's newly elected mayor will disrupt the aids given by the municipality, Turkish news site T24 reported on Saturday.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP)'s candidate, Ekrem İmamoğlu, delivered a decisive victory in the Istanbul mayoral rerun election on June 23.

Turkey's top electoral body had annulled the initial polls following the Islamist ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)'s appeal citing widespread irregularities, but İmamoğlu managed to turn his razor-thin lead into a firm victory in the rerun election on March 31.

The CHP Istanbul deputy Mahmut Tanal said some municipal department heads are creating a perception that İmamoğlu cut the benefits given to people, citing a message sent to aid recipients saying that aid cards will be put hold due to technical problems.

"The following message is sent to social assistance recipients of IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality). Presumably, the department heads of the IBB and the directors are already creating the perception that Ekrem İmamoğlu has cut the aid. To the public's knowledge," Tanal said on social media.

After İmamoğlu’s first victory on March 31, Erdoğan said the opposition mayor would have problems running the city since the AKP had won 25 of its 39 districts and holds a majority in the municipal assembly.