AKP planning to redistrict Turkey before parliamentary elections - HaberTürk

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is likely to bring in a new electoral system before the 2019 parliamentary elections, unnamed party sources told Habertürk newspaper.

“AKP staffers outline that they might bring in a narrower-constituency system in which parliamentarians would be elected in fives or sevens, because the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party, which is currently informally allied to the government) has come out against single-member constituencies,” the newspaper said.

“They mention that the process of bringing in the new legislation could be completed by June or July 2019.”

However, another change that had been mooted – the abolition or lowering of the parliamentary electoral threshold – is not now likely to happen, the paper said.

“Now the presidential system of government is going to be put into practice,” it said.

“A strong parliamentary bloc will be necessary for the system to succeed.”