May 09 2018

Opposition presidential candidate makes anti-Erdoğan hashtag new slogan

Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) presidential candidate Muharrem İnce took on the worldwide trending anti-Turkish president hashtag of  of "T A M A M" - meaning enough -  as his new campaign slogan ahead of the June 24 elections.

The Turkish President on Tuesday, while addressing his party's parliamentary group, said "if the nation says 'enough' then we would step aside." Within the hour, a new hashtag echoing the president's words took the country's social media by storm: "tamam," a Turkish word meaning "enough."

T A M A M became the worldwide trending topic, almost hitting the 2 million tweet mark.

İnce, who will be racing against Erdoğan in Turkey’s presidential elections, has included ‘ T A M A M’ in his campaign slogan. The presidential candidate shared the slogan Twitter, which said, ‘Artık TAMAM,’ meaning ‘enough now.’

‘’Our struggle is the struggle of those who want replace freedom for oppression; peace for fear; love and tolerance for hate and enmity,’’ İnce said in his Twitter message.

 İnce earlier this week said that he plans to visit all presidential nominees ahead of the snap elections next month. Erdoğan responded to İnce’s request for an appointment and two are expected to meet soon.