Mar 29 2019

Steven Cook: Erdogan set to win the elections, relaying on questions of God and identity

Where is Turkey heading after the critical local elections? Steven Cook, senior fellow with the Council On Foreign Relations in Washington DC, gives his assessment on the polls and predicts an extended crisis of Turkey. He argues that there will not be a particular weakening of Erdoğan vis a vis the opposition in the country.

''Erdogan has all the reasons to be scared for this election, but...''
''The economy is in its worst shape since AKP came to the power in 2002''
''Losing Ankara would be a setback for Erdoğan, yet...''
''There are three scenarios for Ankara...''
''AKP has shown it is willing to rig elections, as it has done it in critical times...''
''Here is why the the opposition is weak, divided and terrible:...''
''Members of the Congress in Washington have began taking the words of the Turkish administration over S-400s seriously
''Purchasing S-400 will be a further deterioration of the Turkish-US relations''
''S-400 deal will not lead to TRexit, but isolate Turkey within NATO by restricting their participation to the certain meetings...''