People, especially women, flee Turkey - report

In 2007, the number of the people who left Turkey had increased dramatically due to economic, social and cultural reasons journalist Melis Alphan wrote to Euronews website on Tuesday, quoting from international migration report of Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

The reasons behind people fleeing Turkey are the feeling of the insecurity, lack of freedom of expression, lawlessness and political suppression, said Alphan.

The TÜİK report says almost ten thousand people left the country per month in 2017 while the number of women leaving the country has increased 84% compared to the previous year. 

"I feel insecure even when I am passing across the street," wrote Alphan, quoting a Turkish woman, Serra, "Turkey is a lawless country, even if you follow the traffic regulations, you can get killed or cause death mistakenly. The worst part is that there is no rule of law in this country"

"I left Turkey not to get arrested for a tweet, criticised for drinking beer and get harassed because of my skirt. Forget about ideology, I left the country not to be labelled as a traitor just because I defend nature and right to live," said the article quoting another woman living in Madrid for the last couple of years.

Turkey has seen migration waves in past decades: hundreds of thousands moved to Germany in the 1960s as so-called guest workers, filling the post-war need for cheap labour. Some of them returned as Turkey's economy boomed, feeling at home under Erdogan's government.

But it's the other side of the population now leaving in ever-greater numbers. The democrats, the seculars, the intellectuals and many white-collar workers with high-quality skills and bright students flee Turkey leading to losing its qualified human resources.

The decline in Turkey’s democracy and the government’s purge against the opposition following a failed coup attempt in 2016 are usually cited as main factors behind the increase in the number of people leaving Turkey, which some government critics have called an exodus