Turkish first lady’s handbag equivalent to 6 month presidential salary - critic

The handbag sported by Turkish first lady Emine Erdoğan during her trip to the U.K. with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan -  a limited edition patent leather Hermes Birkin - costs 50,000 US dollars, a twitter user with a large following said, pointing to the contradiction in referring to Erdoğan as ‘’the people’s leader,’’ in a country where the first lady’s bag equals a years worth of minimum wage salary for 11 people.

‘’The Presidential salary is 39,000 TL, the first lady does not work. Her purse alone costs 50,000 thousand dollars - in other words, 215,000 TL. That is equivalent to Erdoğan’s six months of salary,’’ Gürman, who has close to 50,000 followers on Twitter, remarked.

‘’Are you telling me that the man of ‘’the people,’’ spent six months worth of his salary to buy the first lady a bag? Stop insulting people’s intelligence,’’ he Tweeted.

‘’Just 10 days ago a father, in the country they are ruling, attempted to commit suicide because he only had 50 cents in his pocket on his daughter’s birthday,’’ Gürman said.

Turkish fashion designer and outspoken Erdoğan critic Barbaros Şansal also took a jab at the first lady, pointing to her mayfly shaped brooch, which he claimed is worth 15,000 USD.

The Erdoğans come under criticism for their lavish lifestyle, which, critics claim, contradicts their seemingly humble and pious discourse.