Jan 02 2018

Decree giving municipal contract workers tenure comes into force

Around 900,000 municipal workers and employees at municipal contractors have been given better benefits and work security as the result of a clause in a state of emergency decree that came into force on Tuesday, centrist newspaper Posta said.

The clause, which allowed those working at the municipal level on fixed-term contracts to apply to become full-time employees, fulfilled a long-term demand of contracted municipal workers.

Advert placed in Milliyet on Jan. 2

Some employers, however, were less than pleased with the move, including one (above) that took out a large advertisement asking the Employment Ministry and Finance Ministry to get in contact.

Employees in other sectors were encouraged by the move. At a recent event, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was approached by a man who asked for it to be extended to state-owned sugar factories, the secularist Cumhuriyet newspaper said.

“What employee status?” Erdoğan replied. “You’re working already.”


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