Turkey’s south-east coastline has the highest plastic pollution in the Mediterranean - WWF

Egypt, Turkey, and Italy are the biggest sources of plastic in the Mediterranean, while the coastline of Cilicia in south-east Turkey has the highest plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, environmentalist group the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said in a report on Friday. 

Turkey is responsible for 18.9 percent of the plastic waste in the Mediterranean, following Egypt, which is the largest source of dumping with 42.5 percent.

Turkey’s Cilicia region has the highest coastline pollution in the Mediterranean with 31.3 kg of debris per kilometre, followed by the coastal areas surrounding Barcelona and Tel Aviv, the report said.

Turkey’s neighbouring Ceyhan and Seyhan Rivers, the Po River Delta, and the Nile are the most contaminated rivers feeding plastic into the Mediterranean, according to the report.