Dec 10 2017

Exchange students say media reports are not enough to understand Turkey

Despite the political tensions between Turkey and Germany, German students who study in Turkey as part of the Erasmus exchange programme tell a story beyond the media reports.

Burcu Karakaş, a reporter for German DW, interviewed four students in Istanbul who proved their parents wrong.

Verena, who studies social work in Aydin University said her friends warned her that she could end up in jail. Now she wants to extend her trip. “Life in Istanbul is just wonderful,” she said.

Dominique, from the same university, said not everyone she has met are fans of Germany, but still had no problems in Istanbul.

Malte, who studies economics said he likes the liberal atmosphere at Boğaziçi University. “It is not very reassuring to see that journalists are being arrested here, but distancing yourself from a country and isolating it is also not a solution,” he said.

Pascal, who came to Istanbul Bilgi from Heidelberg, said news on Turkey were not enough for him to understand what Turkey is about. “Turkey has the means to get out of this crisis,” he said.



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