Erdogan’s plans to address Turks in Germany shelved 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan won’t get his wish to hold a rally for Turks living in Germany. 

Landing in Berlin on Thursday, Erdogan had planned speeches in the capital city, Koln, and Dortmund. All three events were cancelled after the German government was cold to the idea, according to Turkish newspaper Sozcu. 

Erdogan’s plans instead have been revised to meet with Turkish businesspeople at the luxury Adlon Hotel in Berlin. 

During a three-day state visit, Erdogan will meet with Prime Minister Angela Merkel at a critical point in Turkey’s relations with the West. European states were alarmed last month at the plummeting value of the Turkish Lira, and foreign investment has retreated in recent months. The visit aims to improve ties despite questions over Turkey’s domestic rights abuses. 

Erdogan will have lunch with Merkel on Friday. Afterwards, both will visit a war memorial. 

Sozcu also writes that the German government will pay 215.8 million euros to Turkey for its housing of Syrian refugees.