Erdoğan will be among big losers of Trump election defeat, columnist says

The defeat of U.S. President Donald Trump in the presidential election next month will be welcomed news for many governments, but not those of Turkey, North Korea and Israel, which would be faced with immediate challenges following his ejection, wrote Marc Champion, senior reporter for international affairs at Bloomberg.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may have the most to lose with Trump’s departure, Champion said, pointing to the bond between the pair that has prompted to the U.S. president to stop sanctions against Turkey over its Russian S-400 air defence missile system and pull troops out of Syria without any consultation with Washington.

Turkey’s relationship with NATO has strained since it accepted delivery of the previously purchased S-400 missile defence systems from Russia last year. The United States maintains that the purchase poses a security risk to NATO member states, and has passed legislation to sanction Turkey over it, but the Trump administration has opposed the measure.

In another Erdoğan-coddling move, Trump complied with his Turkish counterpart’s demands to pull troops out of some parts of Syria last October, which allowed Turkey to launch a military operation, quickly clearing Kurdish forces Ankara sees as a threat from border areas.

“With sanctions ready for enforcement and Biden previously calling on the U.S. to support Turkish opposition parties,’’ Champion said, “Erdogan may have the most to lose from Trump’s departure.’’

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made headlines in August, when a video of his aspiring Turkey policy went viral.

Biden said he would embolden the Turkish opposition to defeat Turkey's strongman in elections if he became president.