Imprisoned Turkish opposition figure being cut off - deputy

An imprisoned former deputy for the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) is being cut off from the outside world, parliamentarian Barış Yarkadaş has claimed on Twitter.

“Our colleague Eren Erdem is not being allowed to meet CHP parliamentarians wishing to meet him on the grounds that ‘the physical conditions of the prison are inappropriate,” he tweeted.

“This is known as ‘isolation’... It is a crime against humanity! Justice Minister Gül must correct this wrong! Eren Erdem is not alone!”

Although solitary confinement is not listed as a crime against humanity per se, its opponents say that it fits the definition of a cruel or unusual punishment and torture.

Erdem faces between nine-and-a-half and 22 years in prison on charges of aiding an armed terrorist group, revealing secret witnesses and violating the secrecy of a police investigation while working as the editor of a short-lived newspaper called Karşı.