No EU visa-free travel for Turkey until terror laws relaxed - Belgium

Belgium’s foreign minister has said that Turkey will not be given a visa-free deal by the European Union until it reforms its terror legislation, British conservative newspaper the Daily Express said.

"If it is possible to align the legislation with the values of the European Union, it will be possible to make some progress,” it quoted Didier Reynders as saying.

"The link is this - a real evolution in Turkey in the legislation on terrorism and the possibility to move on the visas."

Earlier this month, Turkey sent documents it said proved that it had met the criteria for visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to Brussels.

However, the criteria includes human rights criteria that EU members may not agree that Turkey has met.

"Turkey understands that in principle Europe is the most reliable and predictable neighbour they have, and they are well advised to have a good relationship,” Johannes Hahn, the EU's top enlargement official, said.

"There are some signals but when it comes to issues of rule of law, the situation is still not satisfactory."