Dec 13 2017

Public support for EU membership in Turkey at 80 percent

78.9 per cent of Turks support Turkey joining the European Union, but only 31.2 per cent believe it will happen, according to a survey conducted by Economic Development Foundation (IKV).

IKV President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu said in Brussels that the results showed significant support for EU membership among the Turkish public, regardless of an ongoing crisis in relations.

"The EU should seize this opportunity and take the necessary steps to match the expectations of Turkish people, instead of “obstructing the EU process with political considerations,” Zeytinoğlu said.

Almost half of those who support Turkey’s EU bid named the prospects for prosperity and economic development as a primary reason; freedom of movement in Europe came second, while one-third said EU membership would lead to democracy and human rights improvements.

The majority who believe Turkey will never be an EU member country said it was mainly because of economic reasons, but almost half of those surveyed also said that EU had a double standard when it comes to Turkey, the survey showed.


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