Support for EU membership on the rise in Turkey

Research by the Turkish Economic Development Foundation (IKV) has shown a rise in public support for the EU in Turkey, Deutsche Welle reports.

The 2017 research, based on a survey of 1311 participants in 18 Turkish cities, was presented at an economic conference in Brussels to high officials including Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek.

It reveals that 78.9% of participants support Turkey’s drive for EU accession, a marked rise from 2015, when 61.8% said they supported the idea.

However, almost 70% said they did not believe entry was feasible for Turkey in the near future.

The results of the survey show that, although President Erdoğan claimed that Turks were "tired of waiting" for EU entry on his recent France visit, for many of his country's citizens, hope for European Union membership is still alive.