Dec 18 2017

Turkey slams Austria’s call to terminate Ankara’s EU negotiations

The Turkish Foreign Ministry slammed Austria’s call to terminate Ankara’s European Union (EU) talks and accused the new Austrian government discriminating against Turkey.

After the elections in October in Austria, a new government has been formed with the coalition of far right parties, People’s Party and Freedom Party. The Leaders of the two parties agreed that Turkey’s dormant EU accession talks should be formally killed off, the Financial Times reported.

“The EU is not just an economic community, but also a community of values,” the coalition deal said.

“The unfortunate and shortsighted statements regarding Turkey in the programme of the new government of Austria confirm that concerns are justified about the political movement which takes discrimination and alienation as its basis,” said a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

“Moreover, trying to escape the obligations emanating from the EU’s contractual commitments towards Turkey as if they do not exist, and to indicate that allies will be sought in doing this, is an approach far from being friendly, let alone honest.”

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