Turkey’s foreign policy should move closer to EU – columnist

Turkish foreign policy should move away from Russia and the United States, and closer to the European Union, a columnist at pro-government Daily Sabah said.

“At a time when the ‘greatest’ democracy in the world, the U.S., is moving away from democratic principles, it is high time for Turkey and the EU to get closer based on transparency and cooperation,” Emre Gönen wrote.

While Turkey has a long history of cooperating with Russia when the two countries’ interests align, Gönen said, they have little in common that could form the basis for a long-standing relationship.

“Coping with the EU is a very difficult task for Turkey, especially taking into consideration the inexcusable double standards used in accession negotiations,” Gönen said.

However, “the alternative is definitely not turning its back on an ever-diminishing number of democratic regimes to instead move closer to undemocratic regimes.”

That would require a change in attitudes from both Turkey and the EU, Gönen said.

“Unfortunately, this is all that we have now in talking about Turkey-EU relations – grievances and despair.”


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